Branding Standards Manual

In 2011, the St. Joseph's Health System [SJHS] completed a process to review the current corporate brand. A branding discovery process identified that a revitalized corporate brand for the St. Joseph's Health System would be key to future marketing efforts. A re-branding process was initiated and a new SJHS logo was developed.
One of the tools to help launch this new brand across the SJHS and its member organizations is the SJHS Branding Standards Manual shown below. This manual illustrates how SJHS will present its public face to all of our audiences, both internal and external, through the presentation of our corporate logo, stationary, signage, colours, type fonts and electronic-based communication channels. The hardcopy manual also includes a CD-ROM that holds the corporate logo, stationary items and useful templates available for use.
If you have any questions regarding this new brand or require your own copy of this manual and CD-ROM, please contact the Public Affairs Department at